Summer is the best time to do an electrical upgrade for several reasons:

1. Better Weather: Summer generally has less extreme weather conditions compared to other seasons, making it an ideal time to work on outdoor electrical projects. This also means that there is less chance of weather delays or interruptions during the upgrade.

2. Longer Days: The longer days in summer provide more daylight, giving electricians more time to work on the project, without having to worry about working in the dark. This can speed up the installation process and reduce the overall time needed for the upgrade.

3. Increased Availability of Electricians: The demand for electricians is usually higher in the winter months due to electrical emergencies caused by harsh weather conditions. This means that electricians are more readily available in the summer, making it easier to schedule and complete the upgrade in a timely manner.

4. Easier Access to Outdoor Areas: Summer is the perfect time to access outdoor areas such as the roof, backyard, and deck, which may be difficult or impossible to reach during other seasons due to snow or rain.

5. More Efficient Cooling: Electrical upgrades often involve turning off the power for extended periods, which can be uncomfortable during the colder months. In the summer, however, the warmer temperatures make it more bearable to work without electricity.

6. Time to Prepare for Winter: By completing an electrical upgrade in the summer, you can ensure that your home is safe and ready for the colder months when electrical demands are higher due to increased use of heating systems and holiday decorations.

In conclusion, summer is the best time to do an electrical upgrade due to the better weather, longer days, increased availability of electricians, easier access to outdoor areas, more efficient cooling, and time to prepare for winter.